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We are back and it seems like we love the blondes more and more with every week here at Amazing Astrid. The blonde MILFs have this great success, so we thought that another one will make your day. This one is a skinny MILF with great appetite for self pleasuring in front of the camera and some amazing juggs for showing off. Just take a seat back there and enjoy her losing the clothes in front of the camera and also pleasuring the hairless cunt for you. Watch and drool.

As you will see, this one looks soooo good that from back she is just like a teen. Her sexy long legs, nice perky ass and small waist will make you think at a teen with the soul of a MILF. How hot that sound? Anyway, after some slow dancing in front of the camera, the blonde will start to lose the unnecessary items she is wearing, ending only with the sexy stockings, the white panties and those high heels. AmazingAstrid big tits will be all over the camera for your viewing delight and the blonde will make a little more comfortable, by laying on that floor just to show us the way she pleasures herself while all alone and horny. She will slide her slutty fingers under the panties and will massage that clit for you. Watch her inviting you to go and join her. I bet she’d love that so much, feeling your fingers massaging her soaking wet pussy right before forcing your cock into that tight hole. How would you like that? Anyway, let’s watch her till the end, so I’ll wait for you on our website with the entire episode. Also you might enter the site if you wanna see


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Lady Lucy

Hi there, you little perverts and welcome back! It is time for another hot Amazing Astrid scene starring our hot MILFs and tonight’s star will be lady Lucy,  smoking hot blonde with these huge tits, thick form hips and a wet pussy ready to be rubbed on the camera anytime. She loves wearing her sexy outfits and posing in all kind of hot positions for your viewing delight. You gotta see this one. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

That sexy MILF over there will is just the perfect company for you tonight. A woman like her had the experience and will show you things you might never see. She has no inhibitions, AmazingAstrid is pretty confident and will show her most intimate parts in their every detail. She starts like a pro – as she is a pro – with some slow stripping. Watch her losing her sexy tight dress and moving around in front of the camera wearing only her sexy lace outfit. Lucy will pull down the bra and a pare of big tits will pop out, making your cock also popping a boner on those. Her hard nipples will make your mouth water and that pussy she is spreading, as well. So watch the blonde sliding her slutty hands between her legs and starting to finger her cunt for your viewing delight. She ain’t gonna stop unless she orgasms, that is for sure. Let’s enjoy this one, everyone back on our website where you will find her entire episode.


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Amazing Astrid – Sexy Topless Babes

Here we are again with a fresh Amazing Astrid scene  and tonight we have a very nice gift for you. Since it is Christmas we thought that you would enjoy two hot babes posing naked for you. The two are ready to take off the clothes just to pleasure your view with some incredible curves. But as you might guess, they will also touch each other, squeezing each other’s tits or fingering the clit in front of the camera. Long story to short, Santa is here so you better take his gift for you right away.


The chicks will definitely be exactly the right companies for you tonight. They will show you the way they like to have some fun under the tree while looking provocatively into your eyes like they are begging you to go and to join them. It is pure pleasure to watch two hotties like these ones losing their clothes and having every inch of those incredible bodies all over the camera. Their round firm tits will be exposed and the luscious babes will keep only the sexy stockings, the hold-ups and those sexy high heels. They don’t need any other clothes, anyways. The angels are having the hairless pussies and those tits all over the camera and that will make your cock begging you to jerk on them. Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s enjoy the naughty babes touching each other in front of the camera for you pleasuring those pussies until they both cum. That moment is a moment you simply cannot miss. I will leave you in their company until next week. I bet you’ll have lot of fun. Enjoy and be here for more next time.

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Curvy MILF

We are back and tonight Amazing Astrid will present to you this great blonde who loves having those incredible curves on the camera. And we are very glad about that as it would be suck a pity to keep that incredible body hidden under the clothes. She will have on a sexy lingerie and will pose in all kind of hot positions, making your mouth water and the cock popping the boner of your life on that beauty.

The horny MILF, AmazingAstrid, loves teasing and will take some amazing outfits on, the will turn on the camera just to tease her fans with the incredible curves. The sweet babe has a nice pair of round tits with some perfectly suckable nipples, some sexy long legs, firm hips and a hairless cunt which craves after hard tools. The luscious blonde will pose in all kind of hot position, having that every inch presented for you. She felt horny having these dirty thoughts, so it was the perfect mood for posing. But it seems like all that mood also made her starting to touch herself in front of the camera all of a sudden. We caught her squeezing her tits or sliding down between her legs and massaging her pussy for us. She will rub that cunt harder and faster until she orgasms for our viewing delight. It is pure pleasure to watch a experienced woman like her in action, don’t you think? Just watch and drool.


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Amazing Astrid MILF in Nylons

Amazing Astrid brought you another horny MILF who loves exposing her incredible outfit all over the camera. The brunette will also pleasure herself in front of the camera, amazing with her talented fingers shoved deep inside her pussy. She had these dirty little thoughts all day long and had to do something about that. Just watch her spreading the legs wide open and sliding the slutty fingers inside for your viewing delight.


After a stressful day at work, this is exactly the thing she needed for some relaxation. She will lay on that couch and will start to touch herself after she lost her panties and the bra. The horny mama is keeping only the corset, those stockings and the sexy high heels. That sexy angel loves this kind of outfit and it suits her perfectly. It seems like this lady wasn’t joking when she said that she wants to relax a little, so you will see her closing her eyes and starting to massage her natural tits thinking of you and your tongue licking and sucking on those hard nipples. Sliding her hands down on her, the sexy mama will massage that hairless cunt also thinking about your cock. She would enjoy so much feeling you sliding into her sweet pussy and will do anything for a rough one. Just watch and drool one her as she fingers hard that wet cunt while moaning loudly in pleasure. See you all perverts next time when we will be back with fresh content.

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Angel Wanda

Hi there! So Amazing Astrid brought us this incredibly hot angel to be our company tonight. She is everything you need and will fulfill your every desire. The kinky brunette will show us the way she pleasures her pussy and we made sure you won’t lose any second of that amazing moment, so we caught her on the cameras from the very beginning till the end. If this wasn’t convincing enough for you, just watch and drool.

The brunette is having these incredible skills when it comes to self pleasuring. She will show is the way her pussy prefers to be touched, so you better grab a paper and a pen as she loves to explain everything. The brunette  starts by presenting that incredible outfit she was wearing, her tight corset and that bra which makes her tits so round. She will take it off in no time, a pare of naturals popping out for our viewing delight. Then the brunette will lose her panties, as well, and her eager clit will be massaged in front of the camera for you. Watch her also shoving her fingers deep into her cunt while moaning in pleasure and fingering herself to orgasm. The brunette will give you wet dreams, for sure, so let’s not waste anymore time with chit-chat and let’s enjoy this amazing scene our beloved AmazingAstrid brought tonight. See you all next time with more. Have fun with this one till then, you little perverts!


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Amazing Astrid presents Sexy Angel Anabelle

Hello, there! Amazing Astrid brought you another crazy hot angel to keep you company tonight. That sexy blonde came around to show us the way she pleasures herself while all alone, so make yourself a little comfy and enjoy her rubbing her clit for you. She is a horny MILF who has this great experience, so she will have lots of things to show us all, so you better not miss this out. Let’s watch and drool once again on the weekly fresh scene.

That crazy babe put one that incredible outfit. She loves bragging our with her curves covered in the most luxurious clothes, so the horny blonde will put her sexy black high hells, some hot black stockings and the tie between her tits. She will lay on the couch just to pose a little on some hot positions and to show us the way she loves being fucked. She prefers it rough and need a real man back there. What do you think? Could you handle a hot piece like that one? Will your cock slide deep enough into that hole she is touching over there for you. What would you do to her? I bet she’d like you taking her hard and rough and would enjoy that hard tool you carry between your legs right into her pussy balls deep inside. Let’s enjoy her rubbing her clit for you and going hard on herself until she orgasms on the camera. Enjoy, everyone!


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