Amazing Astrid Girls – Angel Ginette And Tina

While making these incredible Amazing Astrid videos the weather was so hot, even wearing a bikini was too much clothing, I really don’t know how  poor Tina resisted in her latex maid outfit. Ginette, who was wearing an amazing white latex dress and latex blouse, showed no mercy to her.Get ready to see this blonde stripping in front of her perverted boss. First thing, she ordered her to bring some drinks, and Tina remained close to her, in case she wants something else. Ginette instead ordered her to clean the windows. Tina is extremely subservient, so she followed the orders without complaining. She couldn’t stand the heat anymore and wanted to cool herself down a little, by damping down her very hot cunt using the window washing fabric, but watching this video gallery you will see that Ginette will make her take off that uniform, ordering her to walk naked!

Well Tina is one hot babe either way, and both of these women were here to have some fun for today. And as miss Tina was just about done with her job, she decided to play a bit with herself as a reward for doing a good job. Her mistress did saw her pleasing her sweet pussy with the corner of her eye and she decided to let her have her fun. But when she was done, she made her way to her and had her clean her dress as she spilled some drinks on it. And Tina was really quick to clean up the mess. Enjoy this sexy and hot scene and see you next time!

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